Manufacturing Departments

The factory is divided into three departments, with production tasks given in the technology and production preparation departments:

  1. The Department of Pre-treatment – Cutting and shaped cutting of metal plates
  2. The CNC Tools and Machining Department
  3. The Post-treatment and Product Coating Department

In the Department of Pre-treatment we cut carbon and stainless steel sheets using Multiplex burners. The cutting programmes and optimal sheet types are prepared in the technological departments.

Using band saws, we cut stainless and carbon steel shafts, pipes, flat bars etc.

The CNC Tools and Machining Department consists of a universal set of about a dozen CNC tools, supported by conventional tools such as lathes and drills. The Department carries out machining tasks for unit and series production. We guarantee repeatability and the highest quality of the products offered. The machinery of this department is constantly expanded and updated, enabling increase in processing capacity and offering ever more sophisticated and complicated products.

The Post-treatment and Product Coating Department performs metalwork, product marking and a wide range of processes from the field of anti-corrosion protection of the external surfaces of our products.

The products subject to special supervision are phosphated and painted.