To obtain high quality of the final product on time required by the clients, our factory performs a wide range of treatment processes using DMG, Spinner, and Mazak CNC turning centres, DMG (in a 4-axis steering layout) and Spinner milling centres as well as conventional machines.

Using the CNC turning centres, we can treat parts of up to 800 mm diameter, 800 mm length and up to 300 kg weight, while using the milling centres, parts of the dimensions 2200 x 560 x 500 mm and 1300x710x500, respectively. We base our advantage on flexible machine programming methods used by the production preparation office and directly at the machines.

The conventional tools enable production of single elements of up to 900 mm diameter.

The band saws allow shafts of up to 440 mm diameter to be cut.

CNC gas burners for curve cutting with high treatment effectiveness at a 3×8 m material table enable cutting up to 90 mm black plates. Stainless materials are cut with a Hypertherm 260 device, with 40 mm maximum thickness (table size 2×6 m).

Automated production enables manufacturing of medium-size and large batches in a short time, while experience and the human potential allow us to quickly adjust the machines and react appropriately to the client’s needs.

The programmes for machining tools and burners are prepared in the Technological Office and sent directly to their control systems. We prepare the semi-finished parts for machining using the technology of sheet burning or shaft and sleeve cutting with numerically controlled band saws.