Measurement Laboratory

The factory’s assets include an independent Measurement Laboratory, equipped with modern devices for control and direct supervision of the manufacturing process.

The manufactured parts can be checked e.g. with an Aberlink Axiom too coordinate measuring machine, with 600x900x500 mm measurement space,  0.0035 + 0.004L/1000 mm VDI (U3) accuracy, and a measurement video microscope with image processing (Garant) with a measurement computer.

The inter-operational and final measurements are performed using universal tools such as callipers, micrometers, and appropriate gauges.

We check surface roughness using a Mitutoyo roughness tester.

Proper equipment, experience and qualifications allow us to provide measurement for external customers, to whom we offer also calibration services for universal measurement devices.

The technological system allows us to carry out all our orders in accordance with our own and customer’s documentation.

Responding to the increased requirements of our clients and market needs, our Measurement Laboratory gradually implements the SPC statistical methods of production process control and MSA measurement equipment qualification.