Deck equipment

Anchoring and mooring equipment
  • Anchor, mooring and dual purpose windlasses (g.:WC 8, WC 12.5, WC 16 etc.);
  • Anchor, mooring and dual purpose capstans (g.: KB 3z, KB 5z, KB 5uz etc.);
  • Chains, ropes, anchors (e.g.: Hall, four-arm, stocked types, class U2, class U3);
  • Chain stoppers, rope guides, mooring bitts (e.g.: G47);
  • Pneumatic, foam, wharf fenders

Produced by such companies as: Zamech, Sezamor, Stocznia Szczecińska, Metalowiec, etc.

Cranes, winches, hoists, powered electrically, hydraulically and pneumatically
  • Cranes, hoists and winches for loading (g.: ZP1.5/12, ZP1.5/13, ZP3/10, ZP5/14, TZP5/14, ZP5, ZP2x5, ZP8, ZP2x8, ZP12,5, ZP2x12,5, ZP16, ZP2x16, ZP20, ZP2x20, ZP25, ZP2x225, Zo5, Zo4, Zo32, Ew5BL/P, Ew5-5BL/P, Ew5-8BL/P, Ew5-12BL/P, Ez5CL/P, Ez5/3BL/P, Ez8/5CL/P, Ez10/3BL/P, Ez10/5BL/P, Ez12/8CL/P, Ez32/12CL/P, Ez5/3-5/3BL/P, Ez5-5CL/P, Ez5-8BL/P, Ez5-8CL/P, Ez5/3-10/6BL/P, Ez5-12BL/P, Ez5-12CL/P, WG32Ez01, WG32Ez05, WG32E21z, WG32E621z, WG5Ez10, WG5Ez11, Ez3B, Ew3B, BLS, BLS 63-40h, WG 05-16z, WGS 10-10z, WGP, WZP050z2, WZP125z2, WZP200z3, WE03z5.3, WD5, ZOP, ZOW, ZOWT, ZOWE, ZOH, WS60/300, WS80/400, WS100/600, WRS2.5/3.2, WRS5.0/6.3 etc.);
  • Cranes for lifesaving vessels (e.g E10/7.2, E10/12.5, E16/12, E16/20, E25/18, E25/31, E40/28, E40/50, E63/45, E63/80, E100/72, E100/125, WR10P, WR14P, WR40P, WR40z3, WR40z4, WR40z5, WR40z6, WR40z7, WR63z9, WR63z10, ZLGPJ, ZLGPW, ZLGP3J6s, WLR5 etc.);
  • Overhead travelling and mobile lifting cranes;
  • Cranes, hoists and winches for engineering;
  • Spare parts and components (e.g. blocks, actuators, electric and hydraulic engines, pumps, ropes);

Manufactured by such companies as: Towimor, Fama, Fud, Zamech, Tryb, MSP, Rexroth etc.

Lifesaving and communications equipment
  • Antennas, radars, radio-navigational and GPS equipment (e.g: AM, RK 3805, RR 3906-4, RR 3907, RS 103, ON 1204, K 2212, AA 1212, ARC 1403, SP 4501, SRN 300, SRN 600, SRN 700, RD 9302, ACO-20/80, SW-400, IT 3021, IT 3022, APZ-6, APK-6 );
  • Emergency, signalling and navigational;
  • Lifeboats and survival (g.: P1/2-s-ZZ, L/M/P-s-m-4/6, L/M/P-s-m-6, L/M/P-s-r, L-s-w, LR, PB, KTE-10, KTT-16 etc.);
  • Vests, buoys and lifebuoys (e.g.: FH-105, Poznan-2/PL, PK-1/PL, KR-70/PL );
  • Fire extinguishers, generators and extinguisher hoses, breathing apparatus, compressors, sensors and detectors, protective clothing;
  • Luminescent, fire safety escape signs (e.g.: in accordance with the resolution g.: A654, ISO 17631, for living zones etc.);

Produced by such companies as: Viking, Stomil, Stocznia Ustka, Izolacja, Żegluga Mazurska, Ostróda, Unitra-Unimor, Unitra-Radmor, Unitra-Radwar, MORS, Telkom-Telmor, JRC, Furuno, Banten etc.

Bulkhead doors, scuttles, covers
  • Fire safety and watertight bulkhead doors;
  • Watertight and fire safety hatches and scuttles;
  • Scuttle and cargo hatch drives (e.g.: WD5, PWL10z4.46, PWL 18z9.46, PWL 12z4.35, PWL 22z9.35 etc.);

Produced by such companies as: Rawent, Hydroster, Remor, Silesia, Bomet, Żagiel etc.