Providing comprehensive technical supply for ships requires a very large range of products. From the top of the mast to the bottom of the ballast tanks, ships are full of equipment and devices requiring regular maintenance, repairs and replacements. Our goal is to provide the widest support possible to the technical and supply services of shipping operators, which is why our offer includes all the engineering, deck, navigational, automatics and electrical equipment.

The beginnings of the Maritime Department were related with ships and devices built in Poland. Our partners who have such ships in their fleets up to this day can make use of our experience in this field and good knowledge of the local market. For Polish-produced devices, our offer includes either the original parts or their replacements of proven quality. Excellent knowledge of most devices and mechanisms means we can match most possible needs of our partners. The parts warehouse enables quick supply of a wide range of products.

However, our offer consists a much wider range of products, including parts and devices from global maritime industry manufacturers. Many of our long-term partners make use of our services regarding the choice, consolidation and supply of parts from most producers of ship devices and selected devices for the offshore sector. We also utilise ISSSA and IMPA codes.