Warehouse and logistics

The materials and services we acquire are provided by suppliers certified and audited by STr, with confirmed quality certificates in accordance with the norms. Finished products are stored in properly prepared rooms, in a way enabling quick product identification based on a modern storage management system.

All the information on orders, customer requirements, storage and placement of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products as well as settlements with the contractors are contained in an integrated ERP system – SAP Business One.

The SAP Business One system SAP-Business-Onesystem integrates the company’s knowledge, starting at the requests for proposals in the marketing department, through the trade and customer service department, manufacturing plant, all the way to the storage and logistics department.

In the finished product warehouse, the items are stored in the high bay warehouse system, with their location reflected in the SAP system.

The shipping department organises packaging and transport, in accordance with the company’s high standards based on the ISO 9001 system as well as individual solutions and requirements of our customers.

We are able to ship to any place indicated by the client. Our products are supplied to customers in Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Norway, Slovenia, Poland and other European countries.