STr – 30 years at the market

The STr company was established in Szczecin in 1988 as a trading company. In 1998 it expanded into the field of steel elements manufacturing. Over the recent years there has been a significant development in this area, making it the core business of the company.

STr Today

Today our company works mainly in two fields:

  • metal item manufacturing through CNC machining,
  • comprehensive ship supply.

We base the success and development of our company on the experience acquired in the fields of trade and manufacturing as well as implementation and constant improvement of a management and organisation system. STr Shipping and Trading complies with the ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System and the ISO 14001 system is planned to be introduced in the 2019. All our actions are reflected in an ERP programme – SAP Business One, a set of integrated activities for effective company management.

We supply our products to clients in Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and other European countries. Through our clients, they reach the American market.

Główne gałęzie przemysłu, które zaopatrujemy w nasze produkty to: przemysł okrętowy, przemysł chemiczny, przemysł maszynowy, przemysł samochodowy oraz przemysł energetyczny.